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For a couple of months the phrase from David Whyte’s poem keeps coming to the surface of my busy mind…’leave everything your know behind.’ As I prepare to leave Maui to embark on this next phase of my life, I don’t know what is ahead. I know I want to be in the hot spots where action and consciousness meet to hopefully make a difference. I’m letting my life and possessions go here on Maui; I have fear and uncertainty how survival works in a system that requires money. Do I go to support a family facing death? To a gathering of struggling men in S. Dakota? To offer teachings around group and corporate shadow? To Sante Fe, TX? I’ve learned that my heart and soul are my compass and I await and listen. Meanwhile, I’ve got to move in a week and literally leave almost everything I own behind. The gofundme campaign has provided some support and more will be needed to begin. It’s a time of deep feeling and the practice of dying (letting go) and in that practice there is so much life happening at the same time. This begins my FB blog of the travels and what I am learning. I hope it has value.