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Sex, Love and Intimacy Group Coaching for Men

It’s a glorious thing to be a Conscious Man.

Most of us have been born in a culture that lacks Conscious Elders and teachers to guide us in the arts and spirituality of conscious sexuality and intimacy.   We are left to learn on our own or worse to learn from pornography or from our mistakes.  We are fortunate if we’ve had patient lovers to teach us.

I’m offering weekly group coaching (and individual coaching) for men of all relationship paths.  

Coaching will include:

  • Guest master teachers and experts in sexuality and relationships
  • Engaging the different archetypes of the lover
  • Healing rituals and ceremonies
  • Shadow Integration
  • Love and Sex Addiction support
  • Mastering sexual energy
  • Gaining Confidence in your intimate relationships
  • Knowledge of your personal energetic patterns
    Reading your partner’s energetic patterns
  • Communication and the Wheel of Consent
  • Safer sex practices
  • Cultivating your libido
  • How to deal with sexual dysfunction like ED; Early Ejaculation and low libido
  • How to keep love and sex vibrant in long term relationships
  • Group relationship coaching
  • How to repair when your relationship is on the rocks
  • How to have multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms
  • And much much more.

Expect to be challenged.  Expect homework.  Expect leaps in your personal mastery in love, sex and intimacy.

Osho taught us that sex is the highest form of meditation.  Sex is meditation, prayer, and Fun!   

All men are welcome regardless of how you express your sexuality and intimacy or your relationship path (including celibacy)   And all men will be vetted before your on-going participation.

I wish you an abundance of love and pleasure and self-knowing.

Contact me for more details and to register.