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The Process:


I.  Personal Mastery:  Individual or Couples’ Coaching


Step 1.  Mastery begins with where you are…

A.  On your own, or with my guidance, take a fiercely honest inventory of your life.  How is it working and how is it not working?

How could the quality of relationships be more empowering and fulfilling?

Is your career on track and congruent with who you are in your Essence?

How well do your nurture yourself and your relationships?

How well do you know your gifts and shadows?

What’s your relationship to love, pleasure and passion?

B.  Create realistic and attainable goals and a vision for how you want your life to look like?  Be clear and specific.

Step 2.  Mastery continues with your commitment to your vision:

Make the call.  Seek out a Guide with myself or another.  DO IT!

If it’s with me expect to be challenged to look at your unconscious shadows that are influencing everything your think and do.  Shadow work is a powerful way to live and love the life you vision.  And, guess what, 80-90% of your shadow is pure gold.  Let’s mine it with fierce love.


The Character and Values of Great Leaders

Path to Mastery emphasizes building your strength of character through embracing and integrating core leadership values.  When you align your head, heart and soul with your purpose, your personal and professional world transforms.

Great leaders are men and women who know themselves and are willing to look at what is working in their lives, and…what is not working.

Great leaders have the courage to change.

Strong leaders have adopted certain core values that are not just learned skills but are integrated into their character of everyday life.

As a great leader you will exhibit:

  1. Personal and professional integrity
  2. Accountability: doing what you say you will do and are accountable for the intention and impact of their actions.
  3. Take full responsibility! No need to defend or blame.
  4. Empowers others to their mastery instead of gathering power for own ego
  5. Know your shadows from a history of truthful self examination
  6. Value and build sustainable and mutually satisfying relationships
  7. Transparency and honesty and VULNERABILITY
  8. Willing to be wrong without contracting
  9. Create lives filled with passion and purpose
  10. Practice emotional and relational intelligence
  11. Generosity and service; giving back and contributing
  12. Spiritually aware
  13. Clear and effective communicators while inspiring others
  14. And have the courage to create change
  15. Are forgiving of self and others.


Path to Mastery Corporate Leadership Training


The Human Side of Management and Leadership:

A New Paradigm of Institutional Awakening and Transformation has arrived.


Ed Fell and his co-facilitators and trainers from the Matrix Leadership Institute believe that the art and skill of building and sustaining relationships is crucial to effective management and leadership.   In the last decade a very new organizational model is being implemented globally in small, mid-sized and large companies, educational institutions, health care and technology sectors, and others with remarkable success in profitability, sustainable growth and employee satisfaction. Corporate and business cultures are evolving rapidly.

Creating this fundamental change is not the challenge,

the real challenge is finding the courage to change!



MatrixLeadership.org:  This body of teachings and depth has taught me the power of Groups in Co-creating a Vision of the world while honoring our ‘differences’ that become bridges to awakening for us all.

The Mankind Project  (MKP.org)  In 1991, I went through the initiatory weekend called the New Warrior Training Adventure.  My life has never been the same since.  Grateful.


Shadow Work: www.shadowwork.com.

Cliff Barry offers a powerful and unique path to Certification as a shadow worker and shadow coaching.  I highly recommend this body of wisdom.


Steven Kessler, ‘The 5 Personality Patterns’

Frederic Laloux, ‘Reinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness’

More upon request.

Past Corporate consultations:
Veteran’s Administration

Mankind Project’s International Circle Board  (consultant and shadow watcher)
U.S. Can Company
Kulicke and Soffa Industries
Meat Packing companies
Public Schools
Social Service agencies

The Mankind Project International (former board member)






“My work with Ed Fell has been a empowering journey of leadership development and self-mastery.  Ed helped me uncover my true passion and find the meaning in my life.  I now see every day as an opportunity to serve myself, my community, and my mission.”


Michael Bonahan

Board Chair Boys to Men Mentoring USA, Owner - General Contractor at Kohala Creative Construction

Dennis Smith, CExP CPA CVA
President, CABI Colorado Association Of Business Intermediaries, M&A Intermediary and Transition Planning Professional

Ed Fell and I served on the Board of Directors for Mankind Project of Colorado for several years. During this time, and since, Ed has presented his leadership capabilities, as well as his heartfelt capabilities in his therapy profession. I honor Ed for his integrity, authenticity and grounding steadfastness in his principles.

I first worked with Ed nearly 20 years ago. He impressed me with his ability to unlock the hidden chamber of my self awareness so that I could access the rich reservoir of my untapped potential as a human being. Since that time I have witnessed and benefitted from Ed’s own growth as an intuitive facilitator and mentor.
Michael Pierce

Actor, Leader in Global Mens' Awakening movement