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What is Shadow? What is Shadow Integration and how do we do it? I have some good news and not so good news.

Many of the parts of ourselves that we’ve disowned, rejected, and deny carry an energy that impacts us, our relationships and our lives in ways we don’t like. These Shadows or ‘blind spots’ are more than an ‘belief system’ but hold a very real energy that underlie addictions, our self-image, impact our success, and much more. These Shadow energies are stored in our bodies and our psyches often in ways we can’t see directly but we may know the impact on us and our lives. They are the psyche’s boogie man hiding under the bed. Our innate brilliance is also dimmed by our blind spots.

OK, the good news is that these ‘darker’ aspects of our psyche hold the potential to be transmuted into our gold. Bringing them to awareness and then ‘Integrating’ them offers us a freedom and a taste of that brilliance. But, we have to take a peak at that boogie man under the bed to see the truth of these disowned parts and learn to work them in a safe way. For these next weeks, I’ll be offering more insight and videos on how to work with your own Shadow material. As always, I’m available to guide you in this work either on-line, zoom, or in person. Shadow Integration Groups are forming and will occur Thursday nights in Makawao, Maui. Contact me if interested.