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For about a year I’ve been taking Improv classes on Maui. It’s my therapy and now is becoming a way of life as I move forward on my Audacious World Teaching/Service Tour. I’m gonna be a Vagabonder…not knowing what I’ll be doing or where I’ll be day to day. We at Improv often say we are literally building the airplane as it goes down the runway. To date, I’ve found a home for almost all of my possessions, raised 10,537 of the $50,000 in cash through a GoFundMe account and have made contacts and networks all over. I’m leaving in about two weeks, and don’t know where I’ll go first.

I know I want to be of service; to offer on-the-road sessions through in person or zoom; and have much to share about life, love and truth.

The challenge I have for you is to consider your own life as an Improv class. Be in the unknown. Live more from dreaming and imagination and a little less from a scripted plan. Begin small. Let guidance tell you today what your body wants to eat. Be conscious in the here and now about where you will plant your next step on your hike.

THEN, when you have the insight into what is next; do it with as much passion and commitment as you can muster. Go boldly into your day; love passionately and move out of anything that feels lukewarm. Dance on the edges of who you think you are and break patterns that have a hold on you and your relationships.

Last week, I was sitting waiting to get a blood test at the lab. An older woman in her 80’s was sitting alone doing a puzzle. I sat next to her and had the most amazing connection and emotional depth. In minutes love was shared along with tears when she spoke of her grief of her son dying. We moved from the mundane to such realness. I won’t forget.

In improv, one of the guidelines or ‘rules’ is to make the other look good. The scene (or all of life) get real entertaining for us as performers but also the audience. The dream of being of service, will be alot about making the other fly as they’ve never done before. Let’s live an extraordinary life together. Are you in?