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Scheduling with Calendly:

Using calendly to schedule your sessions.  Here’s the link to find times and dates convenient for your needs. 



Ed’s Coaching Offerings

I.  Couples Coaching:  Ed offers hourly sessions in person or on zoom. 

Full or multi-day exclusive coaching experiences for couples at Ed’s office on Maui or at your location

 II.    Individual Coaching:  Ed offers hourly sessions in person or zoom

Full or multi-day exclusive coaching at Ed’s Maui office or at your location



*  Sacred Intimacy for Committed Couples

* Personal Shadow Integration Coaching

*  Individual Coaching for the Healing from trauma

*  Addiction Recovery Individual sessions

*  Coaching on Purpose and Mission; getting what you desire from your life.

 III.  Shadow Integration Groups

A.  Introduction to Shadow Integration and Personality Patterns

 B.  Personal Shadow Integration Intensive On-line Groups

Our understanding of shadow is often mistaken as something only dark and destructive.  Most of our shadow is pure gold, the gold of our essential nature.  To uncover this gold requires that we explore the dark and integrate those unwanted ‘parts’ into our whole being.  

Many of our shadows and blind spots are embedded in the patterns of our personality.  To gain a better understanding of these patterns, part of our exploration as a group will be reading and digesting the book ‘The 5 Personality Patterns’ by Steven Kessler.

Each week we’ll explore another aspect of our personal shadow with the goal of identifying, acceptance and integration of these shadows.  Some of these deeply embedded shadows are your ‘inner critic’; ‘self hate; the shadows under fears and anxiety; the shadows around money and intimacy and more.  (Eight 2 hr. sessions; homework and reading assignments involved)


C.  Addiction Recovery Group for men  (ongoing)  contact me for details.

Phone or Zoom internet video appointments
The phone number to reach me is 808-419-8200 (U.S.).
More and more sessions are done via zoom.  Before each session, I’ll text or email you your Zoom ID.  Zoom.us is the platform that is most useful.



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