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Our bodies are so incredibly intelligent.   Let me say that again…our bodies are incredibly intelligent.

Like a young child’s mind, they are hungry for stimulation that is creative and entertaining. In physical lovemaking, we often ignore much of the body but all of this intelligent body and skin desire touch and stimulation. Touching between the fingers; behind the knees. And to satisfy the intelligent itch, be present. When touching or being touched, let go of any goal except being in the present moment.

Each moment is precious and loving and touching this way is a form of meditation. Osho said that lovemaking is the highest form of meditation. If we are focused on a goal we are missing out on the now. The body desires ‘now’ experience. Be intimate with the sensation whether giving or receiving. Let your eyes experience the moment. Loving takes on a whole different depth when you are able to do this…even if you are solo and without a partner. Feed the body with this present touch while keeping your heart open and enjoy this intelligent mystery.