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To maintain a steady growth in your relating, I suggest that as a couple you create a simple ritual to do twice daily. Upon awakening (launching) and before falling asleep (landing), create some connecting time. Gazing in each others eyes, the belly to belly connection or some light touch. This does not have to be a heavy process time, in fact I recommend that you

Extra Credit Homework for the Brave:

Intimacy Exercises:

Inquiry and Bonding questions:

Choose a question from below or one that you both create yourself. One partner can pick the question for the day.

The asker asks the question and the one who answer give a one word or one sentence answer. The asker says, ‘thank you’, and then repeats the question. Keep asking the same question for several minutes. Most find that the answers get deeper each time. Afterwards, you can switch. Discuss.

  1. How can I better be of service to your soul?
  2. How can I better love you?
  3. How do you resist me?
  4. How am I your teacher?
  5. What do I need to learn from you?
  6. How did your Mother show love to you?
  7. How did Dad show love to you?
  8. What do you regret about our past?
  9. I would like to be forgive for…?
  10. What I forgive myself for is..?
  11. How have your grown in this relationship?
  12. What is your backdoor to our intimacy?
  13. What are your working on to improve our relating?
  14. How are you lazy in this relationship?
  15. What do you see as my innate gifts as an individual?
  16. What are your innate gifts?
  17. What do you see is our mission as a couple?
  18. Where are you not ‘free’ in this relationship?
  19. Where are you not ‘free’ in your life?
  20. How would you rate our sex life?
  21. What would make our sex life more creative and passionate?
  22. What gives you pleasure?
  23. How are we like your Mom and Dad’s relationship?
  24. What shadows do you see in me?
  25. What do I do that irritates you?
  26. What constitutes play for you?
  27. What emotions are you most afraid of in you?
  28. How do I hide?
  29. How do you hide?
  30. How do you want to die?
  31. How would you like me to support you when you are ill?
  32. What are you afraid of in your last days?
  33. What shuts you down?
  34. How would you like support when you are shut down?
  35. Who do I remind you of from your past? Why?
  36. What are you grieving?
  37. What do you remember about being a child?
  38. What did you do to get your needs met as a child?
  39. What are your memories of your grandparents?
  40. What was your favorite date with me?
  41. What do you love about me?
  42. I’m writing you a check for $1,000,000. What would you like to do with it?
  43. What do you like about my face?
  44. What do you like about my body?
  45. What do you like about your face?
  46. What do you like about your body?
  47. How does money feel like to you?
  48. What were your dreams when you were a child?
  49. What were your dreams as a teenager?
  50. What are your dreams now?
  51. What do you want to experience that you’ve never experienced before?
  52. Speak your sexual fantasies?
  53. How do you like to be touched?
  54. How do you like to touch me?
  55. What words would you like to hear from me right now?
  56. What are your beliefs around receiving in this relationship?
  57. What are your beliefs around giving?
  58. How can we be of better service in our community?
  59. What do you resist?
  60. How do you feel about getting older?
  61. What lies have you told me that you need to get clean about?
  62. What would you really like for your next birthday?
  63. What were holidays like when you were young?

Add your own to expand to 100.

Celebrate your growing connection.