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Have I got your attention now?

This is what I mean by this statement.  We are all incredibly intelligent beings.  Our developed mind craves newness and discovery.  We get bored with doing the same thing all the time.  We need stimulation and energy that is new.  This is why we cheat on each other, why we have such a large divorce rate and why depression is epidemic in our society.  We are bored with our mates, our jobs, our life.

In intimacy, this boredom of doing the same things, eating the same foods, using TV for stimulation, we make love the same way is all a cancer that eats at the aliveness of what could be.  The only way to keep a relationship alive is to let go of what you think it ought to be; give up the fantasies of what you wan the form to look like and focus on the Truth of today.  What is expanding in you?  What is expanding in your partner?  Love and Consciousness  are always expanding as this is their nature.  Current relationships are usually seeking the same juice that you had in the beginning honeymoon phase; or trying to reach a higher high.  Give that up if you want your relationship to grow and if you want to evolve as a man or woman.  Instead, seek the Truth of what is now.  There is a richness that is greater than any high or fantasy that your ego believes it wants.  Share your expansion and consciousness with your partner.  Find what is new about you and your partner today that is different from yesterday.  That is the secret to the richest love there is.