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20 August, 2014


What I can do for you?

The Path to Mastery journey begins with where you are.

My offerings:

1.  Psychotherapy

2.  Counseling on  life and relationship issues

3.  Couple’s intimacy work,

4.  Sacred Loving and Sacred Sexuality

5.  Workshops and Seminars on:           

Love and Intimacy,   Men’s Leadership, Men’s Love and Sex Healing,  A  Matter of Life and Death workshops, Corporate Leadership Trainings for Men and Women

I admire your courage to even examine your life this closely.

Through the Path to Mastery you WILL:
•    Gain self-confidence and realize your gifts and potential
•    Create and maintain the intimate relationship you desire
•    Lead and live authentically in every aspect of your life!
•    Know who you are and what you want.
As your guide on the Path to Mastery, you will be directed with compassion and firmness; with clarity and truth; patience and understanding.

The Path to Mastery is about finding the courage to move beyond present limitations to full authenticity in every aspect of your life.

The Path to Mastery is about discovering your hidden gifts and talents; about discovering who you really are. You will discover how much your untrue and small self has been managing your life and relationships. When you are able to embrace your highest Self and live from that truth, you are rising to your own Mastery.

I look forward to our mutual learning and the celebration of our life Mastery.

Please contact me for your free consultation.  I welcome your call.


Consultations offered around the globe or on my island home on Maui, Hawaii.
Office hours in either Kula or Paia, Maui

Phone and in-person coaching, psychotherapy, intimacy skill development, leadership training.
For FREE consultation contact Ed @ 808-419-8200

Skype services available (video and audio connection) and is free to other Skype users.  For free download, contact  My skype phone address is EdFell1.

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