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25 April, 2015


Path to Mastery


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1.  Non-Traditional  Intensive Psychotherapy

2.  A Radical New Model for Corporate and Management Leadership:  Consultation, Training and Mediation (individual or team teaching)

3. Diversity and Difference;  Building a sustainable corporate or community culture through recognizing and honoring our differences.  (individual or team teaching)

4.  Sacred Sexuality and Tantra

5.  Workshops and Seminars on:

A Matter of Life and Death: Death with Dignity and Support for the Families

Crisis Management (individual or teams available)

Awakening the Healthy Masculine in a Chaotic World (intensive mentoring and coaching for men)

Consultations offered around the globe or on my island home on Maui, Hawaii.

Phone, skype and in-person coaching, psychotherapy, intimacy skill development, leadership training.
For FREE consultation contact Ed @ 808-419-8200


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