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Breath of Life Workshop July 22-24, 2022 on Maui

Aloha Friend,

Hannah Idalia and I are so excited to be presenting this workshop for you.  We’re excited to bring together material that we’ve been practicing including breath work to heal trauma; Internal Family Systems; somatic movement, vagal toning, and Shadow Integration work in one venue.  We’ll be sharing more surprises on the weekend.  I hope you will consider attending.  Together we’ll create a field of healing for ourselves and our community.


Testimonials from the first Breath of Life workshop on Oahu:


“Thank you for my own healing and for the repercussions and healing that all of our collective work has on the people in our lives.”
“I broke through decades of old programming. 
I can’t believe how far I’ve come. “
“Thank you Ed and Brendan for the bravery and skill in holding such a volatile and beautiful circle of shadow work.”
“It was a powerful weekend taking a look at childhood programming from a different perspective and allowed insight for this man on ways in which I “play small.”   I am particularly enjoying the breath work that I am using every day.”

Cost: $395